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Ipukis Logistics

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About us

IPUKIS Logistics Ltd. aims to ensure safe, fast and quality transportation of your cargo transport. With the help of professional specialists, we organise international and domestic transport of goods according to the customer's logistics tasks. The company's employees work in their respective fields professionals are always ready to advise and solve problems related to Your cargo or its transport.

Our competencies

Continuous route planning and the smooth transport of your cargo is our daily routine. We organise international and domestic shipments using specially IT software developed for our company, which allows us not only to monitor the location of your cargo, but also to efficiently solve any problems that arise. Professional management of logistics processes and systematic work ensure that all our customers' expectations are met.

Circular economy as a strategy! 

The automotive industry is reported as being one of the main contributors to the global environmental crisis, thus requiring a radical shift in the way they perform business-as-usual

Our company meets all ISO standards